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As an old lady (70) with a bad back (fusion surgery), I am finally able to enjoy life again. I had spent so much time laying on my back to avoid pain. My son showed me the CBD cream and I rubbed it on my back. It was instantly better. I really couldn't believe how great my back felt. After bugging him to "try" his cream again, I finally placed an order and couldn't be happier with my decision. If you have chronic back pain, this is a total life saver.


I have a degenerative disc disorder and a series of neck and back injuries over the course of my life that finally led to four level fusion surgery a year and a half ago.I have chronic neuropathy from shoulders to finger tips 24/7 which I’ve had to accept as part of daily life. A friend told me of Cbd oils that my help lessen my daily pain of which I am ready to try anything. I have been using Cbd with some substantial results of reduction of pain and better sleep as a result. Im not claiming a miracle cure of all my pain but definitely notice a great difference.If you are having chronic pain I recommend trying these products especially if you're sick of pain meds.

Ty Lampe

I have been using MaxxRelief for about a month for back pain and sciatica. It has given me much relief during the day, and helps me sleep better in the evening. I take about 3 ml once or twice a day.

Elizabeth Benham

This was reommended to me, and I am telling you it is changing my life!!! I have figured out the perfect amount for me and my pain is seriously reduced to where I can now function and get out of bed. It's real medicine that saves people from going insane with pain. Thank you for it!! I would recommend starting with 1/2 of .1 on the measuring a couple to three times a day and going up if needed. Someone recommended that to me and it was much better than taking too much. At first I got physically very hot from it, but was told I am taking too much to start.

Nikele Tiner

I got a bottle of Maxx Relief for my 13 year old Husky cross at a pet fair. His back legs aren’t working real well. Before I had a chance to try it, my vet recommended a different CBD in chew form. I tried that first but it didn’t seem to help my dog. Then I tried the Maxx Relief. It seemed to really help my husky; he actually started chasing around the yard again. I used it till I ran out. Then I tried two other brands of liquid. Nothing worked as well as the Maxx Relief.

Maryann Glen

I have used MaxxRelief for a sleeping aid, and I really like it. I only had to use a drop or two to get off to dreamland. I also like this produce because it does not have an unpleasant taste like other oils.
Pam Pawlak

I received my shipment quickly (I live in Illinois) and well packaged. I used for my chronic jaw pain and the pain subsided within minutes. I have used it several times on my jaw before bed to avoid waking up with a sore jaw. Great stuff! Will be using in the future to avoid living off painkillers.


We came home one day to find our 17 year old cat laying in the litter box unable to get out. We thought for sure that this was the end. We removed him and tried to stand him up to no avail. He just kept falling down. We decided to try the CBD. After about 15 minutes we were shocked and excited that he was able to get himself back up and walk to his food bowl. It has been about 3 months now and he is out and about like a “normal 17 year old cat:. lol


My boyfriend got me to try CBD because of various medical issued (Endometriosis and Fibromyalgia). After spending years of taking terrible medications and pain killers, I am finally able to get some real pain relief. The oils are easy to take, just put some under your tongue and allow to dissolve, and work within minutes. While this doesn't eliminate all of my pain, it does make getting through life much more palatable. Just make sure to get the full-spectrum, it works SOOOOO much better!!

Amber Victoria

I have had chronic pain since a teenager due to various sports injuries. Couple that with chronic back issues, and I have plenty of pain in my life. I have tried both the tincture oil and the creme, both work really well for me. The tincture is more of an overall, "take the edge off" type of relief, whereas the creme really hits those trouble spots in my joints. Total life changer! It makes it much easier to get out of bed when I sleep goofy and screw up my back, it's like magic. Be wary of the gift shop CBD oils that you find in the mall, this is real deal!


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