A customer came in inquiring about the effects of CBD for their Epilepsy induced seizures. As I always do, I tell them I will research the effectiveness and the dosage that is required to help their malady.

While doing the research I came across an eye-opening article on WebMD by Dennis Thompson who is a Health day Reporter. There seems to be many studies on the effectiveness of CBD for wide varieties of issues but is woefully lacking in dosing information.

It seems that the “bigger the better” theory of almost everything has been debunked (at least in this case) for seizures caused by Epilepsy. A total of 225 patients were used. They were given 20mg and 10mg doses. The effectiveness of the 20mg doses was slightly better than the 10mg. The patients, however, overwhelmingly chose the smaller dose of 10mg due to the insignificance of the gain versus the fewer side effects benefits.

So, for now, I’m recommending the “less is more” theory for my customers.


To read the full article: http://guides.lib.uw.edu/c.php?g=341623&p=5239122