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Pet Tincture


When given daily, Maxx Relief Pet CBD tincture can reach therapeutic levels to provide continuous extended relief from chronic pain and anxiety.
Suggested uses for Maxx Relief Pet CBD:

  • Can reduce anxiety (Separation, T-storms, Car Travel, Etc.).
  • Assists in decreasing chronic pain due to inflammation or arthritis.
  • May reduce the amount of seizures.
  • Can cause an increase in energy.
  • Great antioxidant for general overall wellness.

Ingredients – Full Spectrum Cannabidiol (CBD), Hemp seed oil.
300mg Full Spectrum CBD in 30ml (10mg per 1ml).

Each bottle comes with a syringe for accurate dosing and a stopper to prevent spills.
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  • 150mg (Pet)
  • 300mg (Pet)


I truly believe this product is a new “miracle” drug. My 13 (maybe 14, I adopt!) Golden was on heavy meds, due to his hip/arthritis, lethargic, just in general discomfort … now, he demands walks, is alert, has a “step” in his walk. HIGHLY RECOMMENDED – it will change your dog’s life!

Marc-Udo B.

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What a difference this has made in my pup’s life! She suffers from separation anxiety and had spots on both front legs that were chewed to bits…As you can see, they are almost completely healed and the hair grown back. LOVE THIS PRODUCT!

Diane W.

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This CBD oil has worked well with my two cats. I have one in particular that seems to be scared of many things, loud noises, etc. I give it to both cats, as they both become somewhat aggressive at times.

Beth I.

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My dog has been seizure free for a month! This is keeping her off of medications that could harm her in other ways.

Patches N.

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Additional information

Weight 6 oz
Dimensions 4 × 4 × 4 in

150mg (Pet), 300mg (Pet)

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