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I got a bottle of Maxx Relief for my 13 year old Husky cross at a pet fair. His back legs aren’t working real well. Before I had a chance to try it, my vet recommended a different CBD in chew form. I tried that first but it didn’t seem to help my dog. Then I tried the Maxx Relief. It seemed to really help my husky; he actually started chasing around the yard again. I used it till I ran out. Then I tried two other brands of liquid. Nothing worked as well as the Maxx Relief. I have been meaning to contact the young lady I got the first bottle of Maxx Relief from but just haven’t gotten around to it.

Maryann Glen

I have a degenerative disc disorder and a series of neck and back injuries over the course of my life that finally led to four level fusion surgery a year and a half ago.I have chronic neuropathy from shoulders to finger tips 24/7 which I’ve had to accept as part of daily life.A friend told me of Cbd oils that my help lessen my daily pain of which I am ready to try anything.I have some substantial results of reduction of pain and better sleep as a result.Im not claiming a miracle cure of all my pain but definitely notice a great difference.If you are having chronic pain I recommend trying these products especially if your sick of pain meds.

Ty Lampe

We came home one day to find our 17 year old cat laying in the litter box unable to get out. We thought for sure that this was the end. We removed him and tried to stand him up to no avail. He just kept falling down. We decided to try the CBD. After about 15 minutes we were shocked and excited that he was able to get himself back up and walk to his food bowl. It has been about 3 months now and he is out and about like a “normal 17 year old cat:. lol


This CBD oil has worked well with my two cats. I have one in particular that seems to be scared of many things, loud noises, etc. I give it to both cats, as they both become somewhat aggressive at times.

Beth I.

My dog has been seizure free for a month! This is keeping her off of medications that could harm her in other ways.

Patches N.

my Jack Russel Zoe has always suffered from high anxiety from load noises . Thunderstorms in particular . I have tried all sorts of products over the years to help the poor little thing . Nothing ever really worked . she shakes , pants paces , tries to hide any where she can ….. The CBD oil is magic! she still pants just a little bit no running and hiding or shaking uncontrollably . I will be ordering more of this product to keep a stock pile for my little girl .

DeAnn D.

Our dog Bridget (Dane/husky mix)had developed separation anxiety after we moved to our new home. She would yelp continuously when we crated her which she had never done before. She broke out three times and had become very destructive when left alone. I gave her CBD the night before the day I knew I’d be gone for a few hours and then the day of. When it came time to leave, no whining! When I came home, no signs of destruction or trying to break out! It’s been wonderful. Now I give it to her every time I know I’ll be gone longer than an hour or so. It’s worked wonderfully!

Danielle A.

Lucy is a 7 year old silver Labrador and has recently been having problems moving around after a full day of swimming. CBD has changed that & has gotten her back on track. She doesn’t have to take anything for pain or any anti inflammatory medication anymore due to this wonderful product! Lucy also has a 15 lb chiweenie sister that has just started taking it for thunderstorm anxiety & she sleeps right through the storms now….this household will never be without this wonderful alternative to chemical medication.

Marsha E.