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5.0 rating

My dad is fighting bone cancer. He started a daily medicinal dose of the 1500mg CBD in January along with his oral chemo and chemo shots. His last PET scan identified that the cancer is responding in a positive way. Additionally, he hasn’t been feeling nauseous or weak from the treatment. He is regaining strength and hasn’t used a walker or wheelchair since early in the year. I believe that CBD has made a significant difference in his positive progress.

5.0 rating

I’m tired of all the over the counter meds and decided to try maxx relief. All I can say is it works and its natural. Highly recommended!

Jeffrey Austin
5.0 rating

Fabulous products! I tried the 750 mg CBD oil for anxiety. What a difference. It really takes the anxiety away and I feel calmer in minutes. I sleep better and feel better in general. Then I tried the Maxx Relief aloe cream with CBD oil on my jaw for TMJ. All of the referred pain in my cheekbone and down my jaw line was gone.in just a few minutes. I have also been using it on my thumb for arthritis and after 3 nights the joint pain was gone. I decided to test it and not put the cream on and the pain came back in two days. This stuff is amazing.
My order shipped the same day I ordered. Great customer service.

5.0 rating

I use the 1500 mg CBD oil for anxiety and stress. It works wonders. This oil also helps me sleep like a baby at night. I also use the Maxx Relief aloe cream with CBD oil on my hands and my face. I no longer have aches in my wrists or thumbs . I recommend these products for any one with high anxiety and stress levels. Thank you for introducing me to these products, they really work!

5.0 rating

I have used Maxx Relief recently in the form of oil under tongue and skin cream – I can honestly say that results were immediate ! This product is so pure there’s no taste or odor, and the effects are long lasting – I will be promoting this product to my friends, over the many others out there !

- John Tyson