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Drug Test

Drug test results depend on the sensitivity of the drug test itself and what is being tested for. Most drug tests are for THC. Maxx Relief CBD only contains 0.3% of THC or less but if ingested on a daily basis it is possible to build enough THC in your system to test positive. It just depends on how sensitive the drug test is. 

There are also CBD products that are pure or isolate CBD. Pure, or isolate extract means that purely and solely the CBD is extracted from the cannabis plant. No other cannabinoids, including THC, are extracted. All though full spectrum CBD is best because of the synergistic and entourage affect of all different cannabinoids working together, pure or isolate CBD products have ZERO THC and are best for athletes and people in professions that are drug tested for THC or marijuana. Maxx Relief will have an isolate CBD product soon!

Some employers test employees for cannabinoids other than just THC. Both pure and full extract products will test positive for CBD and the full extract products may test positive for other cannabinoids. Know the drug test policies of your employer well and what exactly they test for. Maxx Relief not responsible for the outcomes and consequences of drug tests.

There are different ways to take CBD. Next, learn about the different ways to take CBD.

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